How to Invest Money : The Smartest Way to Make your Money Grow !

If you want to become WEALTHY, it's not just earning your money by working yourself. You may be wondering why most people are getting rich even if they are not working everyday or having their own schedules. You're even panicking because most of your friends are earning more money, getting their own house, being debt free and buying the things that they want.

Now is the good time for YOU to INVEST. There is a lot of ways to Invest.

Mutual Funds and Bonds

Like stocks, UAE offers you the chance of investing in mutual funds and bonds too. Since the gathering of interest is considered as ‘haram’ in Islamic culture, most bonds are traded within the sort of Sukuks and a couple of bonds are still traded within the western format. Even Mutual funds are available within both the Sharia-compliant and non-Sharia-compliant formats.

Real Estate

Of all the investment opportunities in the UAE, investment in land has been the most heavily favored by investors from all across the globe. There are many factors that make land investment in the UAE extremely desirable for investors.

For starters, the property prices in major UAE cities like Dubai are less than those in other global cities like London, Sydney, New York, etc. Being located centrally between the east and west has led to the generation and development of business in this region and has subsequently led to an increase in demand for real estate properties. Builders have ensured and delivered quality construction, too. All these aspects put together, have made Dubai the hot-spot for land investment  among investors from all over the world.

For land to thrive in any city/region, it’s important that the banks and financial institutions make housing loans convenient and straightforward. This is what most banks in Dubai believe in doing too. With a relaxed home equity credit criterion and quick disbursal, banks are helping to extend the amount of buyers who purchase properties, every day.

If you’re not getting to live in your property but want to earn income from your property investment, then Dubai might just be the place for you, too. Dubai’s economy is truly global and heavily dependent on attracting top tier talent from all across the globe.

On one hand, this suggests an increasing number of individuals come to Dubai for employment, which simply translates to an increased demand for rental housing. Dubai is continuously driven towards developing tourism and business opportunities within the city. Both of those factors make sure that the demand for property is usually on the increase .

It must even be noted that the income receivable in Dubai is on par with the worldwide standards, this fact further stands as a boon for the choice of investment in Dubai.

You should never invest in a product that you don’t completely understand. There are many investors who invest in shares or mutual funds based on an anonymous tip/hunch/advice received from a trusted friend, loved one or colleague. This can be counterproductive since such people are unaware of the risks that they could encounter with their investments.

Finally, owning a property is an asset which transcends your lifetime. It can also serve as a source of wealth for your future generations. If you invest carefully and properly in real estate, you can create generational wealth. Properly done real estate investment grows in value, provides regular income and may be used as collateral if you ever need urgent funds within the future. All in all, it is a complete investment and the UAE’s cities like Dubai ensure that you make the most out of your property purchases.


It is a commonly known fact that the UAE is the hub for trading gold across the world. It is home to a variety of gold bullion dealers, refineries, bullion investment organizations, and trading of jewelry and gold coins. Instead of asking where to purchase gold in the UAE, you should ask about the amount you can invest in it because of the huge range of options available for purchasing gold across the Emirates. For instance, you can make an investment of up to AED 15,000. In such a situation, it would be ideal for you to approach small dealers. All the dealers in the UAE levy nationally determined rates on precious metals. In case you want to make a huge gold investment, then you should approach the large dealers or probably investment houses for gold such as Bullion Vault or Regal Assets. You also have the option of local dealers such as Kaloti and more, mostly located in the Multi-commodity centers in Dubai.

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